Devon, Cornwall & South West Marquees

Our marquees are suitable for your venue, be it an intimate gathering of loved ones or accommodating a large party of 1,000 guests, your aim will be to provide a memorable event with top quality service – ours is to exceed your expectations!

We offer a vast range of solutions for your venue, from cloakroom and toilet facilities, stylish and impressive fittings, imaginative lighting and coordinated colour schemes and full event management.

Apart from marquees for weddings, events etc. our clear-span marquees can serve as an extension to a house, as a catering tent and also as walkways.

  • Clearspan Marquees: There is no central pole, which means uninterrupted space within the marquee and no guy-ropes to trip over outside.
  • Install marquees on any surface: Including hard surfaces like sand, gravel, and concrete. This is because frame marquees can be secured to the ground with weights instead of pegs. Although we would recommend using pegs where possible and are advisable in severe winds.
  • Install marquees almost anywhere: No guy-ropes means frame marquees can fit in small town gardens, on roof terraces, in courtyards etc. as they can make the maximum use of space.
  • Winter stability: Framed marquees withstand higher wind speeds and snow loadings so they are a practical option in winter.
  • Safety: The outer linings are made from flame-retardant PVC manufactured to the latest BSI standards.
  • Flexible use of space: Marquees and frames can be joined together to cover large areas, fit L-shaped gardens or allow for different areas within an event.
For more information on planning a marquee please call us on 01363 84846 or fill in our Marquee Hire Enquiry Form and we will be happy to help.

More celebrations are being held in marquees than than ever before. They are a highly practical proposition and they add an air of excitement to any occasion. Planning a marquee is where we come in!”